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The images on this site are provided only as a guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I Order?

A: Ordering can be done via the following methods:
  • Use online ordering by clicking Order Now while browsing the online catalogue.
    Click Complete Order to enter your shipping details. This is the simplest method.
  • Email your order to us (see the Contact Mamod page). Remember to include your contact details and shipping address.
  • Phone us 021 1500-145 or (03) 3146-832 (evenings)
For all these methods you will be sent an order for payment. Once payment has been received the goods will be shipped. An invoice will be sent with the shipment.

Q: Do you have a User Guide I can look at now?

A: Download our User Guide.

Q: What long does shipping usually take?

A: For items that we stock locally, shipping should only be a few days from payment. If we don't currently stock an item, or have run out of stock, then the time will be approximately 2-4 weeks from payment. We endeavour to keep you informed at each step of the way, so that you know exactly where your model is at all times on it's journey to you.
NOTE: Rural Delivery and remote areas may take a day or two longer.

Q: What do the steam engines run on?

A: Mamod recommmends that you only burn Mamod's waxed solid fuel tablets. These tablets are perfectly designed for these machines, a perfect fit for your burner tray and they last for approximately 15 minutes. The tablets are safer and cleaner than using methalated spirits and they will not leave a residue. Two solid fuel tablets maintain the correct heating while other methods are less controlable. We can supply them to you (at cost) from this site, you will find them on every page. There are 20 tablets (10 runs, well over 2 hours) in each packet.

Q: Can I run the engine indoors?

A: The solid fuel tablets are not to be used in confined spaces or in vicinity of domestic pets.

Q: How long will they run between fueling?

A: Approximately 15mins. Always use 2 tablets, no more, adding more will not make the run longer, it will only potentially damage your engine from burning too hot. Water in the boiler lasts approximately 15 minutes. Always keep the water level in the boiler above minimum. Remove the burner tray when you have finished your run to let the engine cool and prevent depleting the boiler water level. Starting with HOT water means the session will run longer as the tablets do not take long to bring the boiler up to steam.

Q: Should I add anything into the water in my boiler?

A: No. No additives are required, just clean hot water. Before the first use of your new machine, flush the boiler with warm water. Periodically you can wash out your boiler with lemon juice or vinegar to prevent limescale. (See your operating instructions on the box or inside.)

Q: How safe is it?

A: Mamod steam models are as safe as they can be and common sense will make your experience safe and enjoyable for everyone. You must be 14+ years to run a model. There is no boiler ticket required (the boiler pressure is 15psi, low enough and safe enough to not require a licence). All engines have safety valves. There are small parts so care should be taken when small children are around to prevent accidental ingestion. The boiler becomes very hot and care must be taken; hold the engine only at the handling points (refer to your specific model's instructions with your engine). Please always handle your engine in the manner described in your Operating and Safety Instructions.

Q: Does it come in another colour?

A: There are a few models in different colours, but we have indicated this in each description. If it does not indicate a choice, then you have to stick to what you see!
Please note that images on this site are only a guide to the actual colours.

Q: Can I get parts for my old Mamod engine?

A: Please ask us about any of your old engines and we will see if we can help you get them working again. We can supply any part for any engine that is currently in production - i.e. sight glass assemblies, safety valves, driving bands, chimneys, etc.. Our site shows most of these parts and some will fit older models. Please don't hesitate to ask us and we will find out for you. You may be pleasantly surprised and have your beloved machine working again!

Q: Where are these engines made?

A: We import these engines directly from the manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Mamod was established in the 1930's and has been going strong since then. (See our History page for more details). All engines are entirely made on site at Mamod Limited, in the country that made the original full-scale working engines!

Q: How do we contact you?

A: We are contactable through the avenues displayed on our contacts page. For orders or inquiries, see the Contact Mamod page.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: At this stage, No. Direct bank to bank transfers are the most secure option for everyone. Credit cards are no faster to process than bank transfers, but add extra cost that we would have to pass on to you. We will accept a cheque, but will not ship until this has cleared.

Q: When are the new models comming out?

A: New listings are sent each July, so be on the look out around then!

Q: Can I do a pickup?

A: We don't allow pickups. The cost to Courier will be less than the cost of petrol and doesn't take any of your time.

Q: Can I suggest a different freight option?

A: Yes. We endeavor to get the best price and service for you and if you can suggest another method we want to hear it. You could help someone else save too.

Q: Why do the prices change?

A: We are subject to exchange rate variations. If our dollar is strong, our items will cost you less.

©2007 Mamod (NZ) Limited - Your Kiwi Source for Mamod Quality European Steam Models